With Perform, for the first time I have now got engaging visibility of our portfolio and the ability to interact with portfolio information via a straight forward user interface on my iPad.
We have implemented Perform across our Networks and IT project portfolio and it is really helping us drive the right discussion, debate and risk management to deliver more efficiently. Perform is also adding value to our enterprise wide PPM tool by giving visibility at an executive level and the ability to drill into the detail.”
Derek McManus, COO, O2
We looked at Perform as an executive level tool because I wanted a solution which would give full transparency across our portfolio of change, a single and visual executive level picture of the portfolio with nowhere to hide. Perform was fully rolled out within a matter of weeks and we run governance meetings directly off Perform which gives us consistency, concise overviews and also reduces the slide and spreadsheet ‘industry’ we used to have preparing project and portfolio reports. Our executive team love the visual presentation of Perform and we are delighted with the impact Perform has had on the execution of our portfolio of change.”
Tim Rayner,
Head of Group Operations,
Miller Insurance Group
Perform provides JT with a project reporting platform that is used across the business by both Project Managers and at an Executive level; adding value to our project review meetings with visual and relevant project information.”
Vanessa Garrett, Change Portfolio Manager, JT
Following a recent merger, we were looking to adopt a lightweight Project Reporting tool that we could roll out across our Global Technology organisation to get 'one view' of all of the projects going on across the divisions. It needed to be flexible enough to be used by both Agile and Waterfall project teams, and it had to be simple and quick to enter data and for that information to be presented in a clear, concise and relevant way to stakeholders across the business, from team managers to members of our board.
After reviewing a number of products we selected Kivue Perform. It was rolled out quickly and efficiently with the Kivue Perform team working very closely with us to ensure it was configured to meet our needs. In fact the rollout was so successful that whilst this was initially planned for use by just the Technology team, broader business teams have also begun adopting it as the 'de facto' central reporting tool as the information is presented in such a way that it is engaging and easy to understand for all stakeholders.”
Alex Higgins, Director,
Office of CIO, Springer Nature
Perform is transforming the way we view our project environment. My project team are no longer spending hours on PowerPoint® and Excel®, our leadership team have got access to project information anytime, anywhere; this clarity subsequently means our customers reap the benefit of better delivery than our competitors.”
Stewart Smythe, CEO, Adapt