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We can support you with 30 years of portfolio delivery expertise, PMO people, and proven tools and templates

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We provide a range of value-added PMO managed services, tailored to your organisation

  • Manage specific PMO tasks and activities
  • Fill PMO resource gaps
  • Get expert consultations on your portfolio optimisation

Kivue PMO Managed Services

Outsource your PMO Full time or interim

High on value, low on cost - a combination of our 30 years delivery experience, our great PMO delivery team, our portfolio optimization PPM tool Kivue Perform and our library of proven PMO templates and tools. enable us to provide a lean and outcome focused PMO for your programmes or portfolio.

Run Key PMO activities

Whether to cover resource gaps or short, medium or long term needs, give us specific PMO activities to run the regular portfolio heartbeat of outputs including regular reporting, governance and risk & issue management.

Measure our PMO service performance via outcome focused metrics

We will continually measure our PMO service performance via a set of metrics which represent tangible and valuable outcomes.

Kivue Portfolio Optimisation Services

Optimise the performance of your portfolio

Tap into our 30 years of portfolio expertise and our pragmatic and relentless focus on delivering valuable PMO outcomes. We will work with you to select specific areas of the portfolio that are opportunities to improve.

Access our library of proven PMO templates and tools

You will have access to our full library of proven PMO tools and templates that support all areas of the portfolio PMO's activities. Our focus will be to use tools and templates that are workable by all and drive valuable outcomes for the business.

Sponsor Effectiveness

Stimulate more effective portfolio and programme leadership and sponsorship performance

Work with over 30 years of experience and credibility running portfolios and leading programme.

Our most experienced change leaders will customize a leadership development programme to suit your business culture and dynamics. We will take a hands-on practical approach, working on real programmes rather than in a training setting. We will work one to one and/or collectively with your executive team to support them realise more effective change leadership and sponsorship and performance across the portfolio.

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