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Intuitive user interfaces and easy to adopt

Adopt Perform Professional with just 30 minutes of training, whether you are a trained project manager or not. Perform Professional really is that intuitive, is pre-configured with our 30 years experience of delivering portfolios - ideal for medium sized or lower maturity businesses

Rapid and low cost rollout with immediate impact

Perform Professional is so intuitive that it can be loaded with existing data and rolled out with full visibility of the portfolio in a matter of a few days.

Use Perform Professional to evolve to the next level of project and portfolio maturity

Perform is so easy to work with that anyone can adopt it. The level of transparency stimulates better leadership engagement and support, and running meetings directly off Perform is a catalyst for evolving the organization to the next level of project delivery maturity.

Get control of the cost and benefit release across your portfolio

With just 20 minutes of input a month, Perform will give much better visibility and control of the cost of delivery across projects and the portfolio and benefit release.

Scale up to Perform Enterprise at any time

Evolve your capabilities and maturity in manageable stages as your organisation grows with our full service and support

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