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Perform Enterprise enables you and your leadership teams to take control

Enable Portfolio Efficiencies & Pace
  • Enable more agile organization Decisions/escalations/instant access
  • Save time & money Deliver faster, get control of costs & benefits
  • Tackle slide & spreadsheet effort overload Automated meeting outputs, Run meetings off Perform

Escalate risks & issues to leadership instantly with concise, visual and engaging insights to generate faster and better decisions that accelerate benefit release and reduce cost of delivery.

Reduce the slide and spreadsheet overload and transform your meetings running them directly off Perform using the automated pre-read & slide pack solutions.

Delight the Exec and Improve Leadership
  • Improve engagement and leadership with transparency & visibility
  • More agile response with one click access on mobile devices

Give your exec instant and concise, visual and real time access via their mobile devices to improve engagement and leadership generating more agile responses to unblock progress.

Transform Project & Portfolio Meeting Outcomes
  • Run more effective portfolio & project meetings
  • Improved governance = accelerated and more certain delivery

Run more effective portfolio & project Meetings using Kivue Perform's automated governance templates to drive the right agendas, improve key decision making to enjoy accelerated and more certain delivery

Optimise Project Portfolio Performance
  • Optimise your project portfolio (prioritise, resource portfolio balancing, use visibility of history to optimise)
  • Integrate as engaging and intuitive front end to existing PPM to improve derived value

Use the visually engaging portfolio insights to promote the right discussions to support optimisation of your project portfolio prioritising, balancing resource contention, congestion, benefit realization.

Boost value from your current PPM solution
  • Transform project & portfolio meeting outcomes
  • Run more effective portfolio & project meetings
  • Improve governance = accelerated and more certain delivery

Integrate an engaging and intuitive front end to your existing PPM tool to engage your exec team with concise and visually engaging highlights

Agile governance and tracking

Give your leadership teams visibility of all Agile activities

Enable full visibility of your epics, stories, releases and sprints to your sponsors, key stakeholders and wider leadership.

1-click access to view your Agile stages, anywhere, anytime

Use Perform's easily accessible and visual dashboards to track your releases, stories and sprints through each of your Agile stages.

Automated dashboards and reports to help govern your Agile projects

Improve your Agile governance and decision making, using Perform's visual and engaging outputs to drive your governance meetings and leadership of your Agile portfolios.

Explore the benefits for your role

Use the automated reporting to save days of PMO time formatting, reformatting reports and preparing portfolio packs and transition PMO time to higher value activities.

  • Transition PMO 'Admin' Time to Higher Value Activities
  • Consistent Automated Reports
  • Customised Portfolio Insights
  • Optimised Portfolio Resourcing
  • PMO Credibility
  • Data Quality Accountability

Keep your weekly reporting to 10 minutes and your monthly reporting to 20 minutes. Take advantage of intuitive user interfaces and modules to run your projects.

  • Intuitive Data Input for anyone
  • Engaging Escalations for leadership support
  • Transfer time on Spreadsheet & Slides onto delivery
  • Central Repository

Enjoy full transparency & visibility of your key projects anywhere, anytime on your mobile devices. One click access to risks, back to green activities and escalations to enable faster and better decisions.

  • Transparency & visibility - anywhere, anytime
  • One click access on mobile devices
  • Accelerated benefit release
  • Concise & visual
  • Instant visibility & engaging escalations
  • Business impact management
  • Track and assure your commercial milestones

Use the portfolio dashboards and insights to prioritise, balance and optimize your portfolio using a central repository for your key portfolio data.

  • Automated portfolio roll up
  • Engaging roll up to senior management
  • Portfolio visibility & transparency
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Central portfolio repository
  • Run portfolio meetings direct off the system
Data acquisition and load
Optimisation and configuration
Service reviews and training
Allocated customer support

Professional Services for all round support

We can support you with 30 years of portfolio delivery expertise, PMO people, tools and templates

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