Key data at a glance
Kivue Perform provides the PPM reporting and insights that help senior execs improve and accelerate portfolio decision-making, leading to increased success and accelerated delivery of their projects.
Dashboards, engaging graphics and short 140 character updates have proven popular with C-Level executives who previously have been presented with inconsistent and overbearing reports.
Dramatic time savings
Kivue Perform brings all the information PMOs need into one place, eliminating the hours or even days required to manually reformat data from a range of sources and produce documents for board or steering group meetings.
Kivue Perform is quick and easy to deploy and offers anytime, anywhere executive-level reporting and insights on portfolio performance. It empowers PMOs to delight executives and support project managers.
Driving Agendas
Kivue Perform generates drillable dashboards at the click of a button, tackling the challenge of excessive time spent producing slides and spreadsheets. Kivue Perform enables automatic compilation of reports from disparate systems, transforming transparency of portfolio insights and the quality of inputs.
By simplifying the portfolio performance input and reporting process within a single portal, Kivue Perform gives fingertip control to PMOs, unlocking greater collaboration and supporting quality across all areas of portfolio and project management.
Overview of Kivue Perform
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