Perform for public sector

  • Optimising project portfolios for public benefit
  • Supporting mixed project maturity levels
  • Breaking down silo culture
  • Driving accountability to stand up to public scrutiny
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Working with the Public Sector is enormously important to us

We are committed to supporting the Government Digital Strategy by providing a fully online project portfolio management tool that can be customised to support the public scrutiny, transparency and accountability that public sector projects demand.

Central and local government
Educational organisations
Healthcare providers
Blue light

Across central and local government, education, health, and blue light services, we work closely with our customers to ensure Perform is set up to align with the culture and level of maturity of individual Public Sector organisations and deliver successful outcomes.

Why Perform for Public Sector Organisations?

Tailor Perform to support the specific needs of your project portfolio, whether central and local government, education, health, or blue light services

  • Use the Ideas module to prioritise your ideas - do the ‘right’ projects to align with political agendas and optimise deployment of Public Sector funds and resources
  • Improve leadership support, engagement and decision making via visual insights tailored to their interests
  • Intuitive user interfaces so anyone can use Perform ‐ not just trained project managers!
  • Run project and portfolio meetings direct off from Perform’s automated slides
  • Slash time and cost to generate regular reports and governance via Perform’s automated outputs
  • Generate immediate escalations and alerts to enable faster resolutions
  • Roll Perform out in days and generate high impact and strong perception of the PMO adding value

A digital experience for Public Sector

Perform enables Public Sector organisations to align with and enhance their drive to embed digital transformation across their organisations. With Perform teams can run their project portfolios via a fully online, cloud based platform.

Users and viewers can log on anywhere, anytime and leadership will have one click access to the project and portfolio data they are interested in on their mobile devices.

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Public Sector frameworks

We offer a range of products and services that are available to procure via the government’s G-Cloud digital marketplace under the Cloud Software category, making it easy to buy Perform for Public Sector organisations.

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Kivue supply Public Sector organisations

"By configuring Perform to give focused intelligence on the top tier programmes, we demonstrated a tangible win and cemented executive engagement with the tool."

Kivue supply Public Sector organisations

"Perform is a great tool. I couldn't find anything that matches its ability give executives the specific information they want, on-demand and tailored to their programmes."

Kivue supply Public Sector organisations

"The result of implementing Perform is that we have a more informed executive. Our sponsors feel that there's clearer and more transparent information available to them."

Kivue Perform Case Study Public Sector

Public Sector Case Study

Case Study: Kivue Perform Supports Transformation of Organisation Wide Portfolio Delivery in Public Sector

by Rupert Taylor February 2020

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Trial and Evaluation Options for the Public Sector

We understand that public sector organisations have tight budgets, competing priorities and limited time, so we aim to make it as simple as possible to trial Perform before making a longer term commitment

Data Build (estimated duration 10 days)

We will create a Perform instance for you, configure your trial instance of Perform to reflect how you want to manage your portfolio/s, work with you to load some of your portfolio data and configure some of the dashboards and other reports ready for to share around the organisation.

Perform Pilot (estimated duration 3 months)

Take Perform into a live environment and work with it for 3 months to get a feel for how intuitive the input is and how engaging the outputs are. Run project, governance and other portfolio meetings direct off Perform and get a real sense of how it will work in your world.

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